Hợp Âm Piano Malibu – Miley Cyrus

“Malibu” bài hát do ca sỹ Miley Cyrus thể hiện, được phát hành vào ngày 11/05/2017. Hướng dẫn hợp âm bài hát này.
[G] I never came to the beach , or [C] stood by the [G] ocean
[Bm] I never sat [Em] by the shore, [Bm] under the sun with my feet [Em] in the sand  
But you [G] brought me here [C] and I’m [G] happy that you did
[G] Cause now I’m as free [C] as birds catching the wind [G]
[G] I always thought I would [C] sink, [G] so I never swam [C]
[Bm] I never went [Em] boatin’, don’t get how they are [Bm] floatin
And [Em] sometimes I get so scared [Em] of what I can’t [Em] understand
Điệp khúc:
[Am] But [G] here I am [Bm], [Em] next to you
[Am] The [G]sky’s more blue [Bm] in [Em]Malibu
[Am] Next [G] to you [Bm] in [Em]Malibu
[Am] Next [G] to you [Bm]
Lời 2:
[G] We watched the sun go [C] down [G] as we were walking [C]
[G] I’d spent the rest of my [C] life [G]standing here talking [C]
[G]You would explain the [C] current, [G] as I try to smile [C]
[Bm] Hoping that you’ll [Em] stay the same, and [Bm] nothing will change
[Em] And it’ll be us, [G]just for a while
[C]Do we even [G] exist?
[C]That’s when I [G] make the wish, [C]to swim [G] away with the fish [C]
[G] Is it supposed to be this [C] hot [G]all summer long? [C]
[Bm] I never would’ve [Em] believed you if [Bm]three years ago you told me
[Em]I’d be here writing this song [Am]
Điệp khúc 2:
[G] But here I am [Bm], [Em] next to you [Am]
[G] The sky’s more blue [Bm] in [Em] Malibu [Am]
[G] Next to you [Bm] in [Em] Malibu [Am]
[G] Next  to you [Bm]

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